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Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette You Need to Know

It is not easy to follow all the etiquettes of the bridal shower invitation. There are the wordings which needs to be written carefully along with the proper information. The invitations are gnerally sent atleast eight weeks prior to the actual event. The invitation which is going to be sent should be written in proper etiquettes. It is also important tochoose a theme for the bridal shower. You can chhose a derby themed bridal shower invitation. Before that, here are some bridal shower inviation etiquettes so that your bridal shower party becomes a grand success.

Highlight the guest of honor

The most important rule for a bridal shower invitation is to highlight the guest of honor. Keep your invite simple by writing the names of the bride or groom so that your guests are aware of who the shower is honoring. You can either write the invitation in a formal way or a casual way, depending on your relationship with the guests. You can have fun with the greetings as you feel like, depending on your style of shower you are planning.

Choose a theme

After the announcement of the honoring of the bridal shower, include your party’s theme in the invitation. Whatever theme you are planning for your party, it is a bridal shower invitation etiquette to notify your guests about the kind of event or party you are planning to hosts. This will help the guests to come prepared accordingly. This way, you won’t be bombarded with the basic questions from your guests.

Include the date and time

After you are done with the greetings in the invitation, mention the time when the bridal shower will take place. It is suggested that you list the day, month, year and the exact time when you look to start the party. For more information, you can include the time when you are expecting the party to get over.  This will give your guests a better idea about the time when they will be back. While choosing the date for the shower, remember that the shower is organized at least three months before the wedding date. The shower can last from morning to late afternoon or even until a dinner party. Also, makes sure that the date and time which are chosen are also fine with the bride-to-be.

List the location and address

List the location of the party below the date and time on the invitation. Also, include the address of the location where the bridal shower will make the place. This can either be someone’s home or any restaurant. Listing the address will make it easier for your guests to get the directions to your party, especially for those guests who are traveling from out of town.

Mention the host

The next thing to mention is the host of the bridal shower. You can putthis information under the address on the invitation. This is necessary as it is important for the guests to know who is throwing the party and whom to contact regarding it. This is good especially for those invited guests whom you have never met before.


Following these etiquettes will make your invitations very beautiful and your guests will be impressed by it.

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