Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette You Need to Know

It is not easy to follow all the etiquettes of the bridal shower invitation. There are the wordings which needs to be written carefully along with the proper information. The invitations are gnerally sent atleast eight weeks prior to the actual event. The invitation which is going to be sent should be written in proper etiquettes. It is also important tochoose a theme for the bridal shower. You can chhose a derby themed bridal shower invitation. Before that, here are some bridal shower inviation etiquettes so that your bridal shower party becomes a grand success.

Highlight the guest of honor

The most important rule for a bridal shower invitation is to highlight the guest of honor. Keep your invite simple by writing the names of the bride or groom so that your guests are aware of who the shower is honoring. You can either write the invitation in a formal way or a casual way, depending on your relationship with the guests. You can have fun with the greetings as you feel like, depending on your style of shower you are planning.

Choose a theme

After the announcement of the honoring of the bridal shower, include your party’s theme in the invitation. Whatever theme you are planning for your party, it is a bridal shower invitation etiquette to notify your guests about the kind of event or party you are planning to hosts. This will help the guests to come prepared accordingly. This way, you won’t be bombarded with the basic questions from your guests.

Include the date and time

After you are done with the greetings in the invitation, mention the time when the bridal shower will take place. It is suggested that you list the day, month, year and the exact time when you look to start the party. For more information, you can include the time when you are expecting the party to get over.  This will give your guests a better idea about the time when they will be back. While choosing the date for the shower, remember that the shower is organized at least three months before the wedding date. The shower can last from morning to late afternoon or even until a dinner party. Also, makes sure that the date and time which are chosen are also fine with the bride-to-be.

List the location and address

List the location of the party below the date and time on the invitation. Also, include the address of the location where the bridal shower will make the place. This can either be someone’s home or any restaurant. Listing the address will make it easier for your guests to get the directions to your party, especially for those guests who are traveling from out of town.

Mention the host

The next thing to mention is the host of the bridal shower. You can putthis information under the address on the invitation. This is necessary as it is important for the guests to know who is throwing the party and whom to contact regarding it. This is good especially for those invited guests whom you have never met before.


Following these etiquettes will make your invitations very beautiful and your guests will be impressed by it.

Searching for a Wedding Dress Cleaner

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life and being able to keep your wedding dress in pristine condition is an ideal way to preserve your special memories.  To make sure that your dress stays in fabulous condition over the coming years having it professionally cleaned at a wedding dress cleaners before storing it is a really sensible idea to ensure and marks or scuffs don’t become embedded in the fabric and impossible to remove.

At Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning they offer an excellent service to customers based in North East England to help you make sure that you can keep your wedding dress in perfect condition whether you want to keep it for future generations or simply keep it as a keepsake.  Offering a reliable and professional service every time they have the expert skills required to make sure any type of wedding dress is cleaned properly and remove most stains using the correct materials no matter what type of fabric is it made from.

With reasonable price and a top quality service at Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning they will also complete any repairs that may be required so you can be certain that your wedding dress really will look good as new.  They are also able to clean veils, shoes, bridesmaids dresses and other outfits belonging to the bridal party such as suits so you can get everything sorted out in one go, and with a fully insured service on offer you can be certain that all your items will be fully covered at all times.

Fully trained in textile care and with over twenty years-experience taking care of bridal gowns at Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning they know exactly what is required to lift the marks out of delicate fabrics without causing any damage at all so you can be sure that your wedding dress will be in safe hands and receive a cleaning process that has been tailored to its individual features.  With the option to also purchase a beautiful museum quality storage box complete with PH free tissue paper to store your dress in you can be certain that at Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaners they will help you to keep your dress safe and clean for many years to come.

We provide first class, high quality professional wedding dress cleaning and preservation services for brides in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. For as little as £90, we will collect your wedding dress at a time that is convenient to you and return your fully cleaned and preserved dress in a beautiful acid-free tissue paper box. By entrusting the care of your wedding dress to us, you can rest assured that your dress will look just as beautiful 50 years from now as when you wore it on your wedding day.

To learn more about our service and to receive an estimate, visit the Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning website today.

Bridal Makeup – An Essentiality

Bridal makeup is an essential part of grooming the bride for the most special event of her life. Bridal makeup not only enhances her beauty but also brings out her best features. It makes your skin look supple and fresh and glowing so that you look gorgeous throughout the event. It helps in boosting your confidence as it masks over flaws or irregularities on your skin. Bridal makeup helps you face the crowd and pose for the pictures with full confidence and ease. It lasts longer on your face thereby giving you a fresh look throughout the function. Bridal makeup makes use of good quality and long lasting waterproof makeup so that it doesn’t run or fade away and remains on your face for long durations also.

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding and for this purpose, airbrush makeup has become quite popular among brides.

The most important purpose of airbrush makeup is that it fulfills the demands of HD cameras and the pictures taken of an airbrush makeup are of very good quality when clicked by an HD camera.

Choosing the best Makeup Artist

Prior to your wedding date, you can look up different salons who offer airbrush makeup and then shortlist on the Best Bridal Makeup Artist to get your perfect bridal look. This is an added advantage over traditional makeup where traditional makeup looks fresh for the first half of the wedding and then gradually fades away giving the bride a very tired and faded appearance. But in airbrush makeup, the bride looks bright and glowing from the start to the end of the occasion without her makeup fading or smudging on the face.

An expert artist applies makeup with such perfection that it covers all your blemishes, acne, spots, and marks. They have thorough know-how and tips and tricks of makeup which will ensure that your makeup remains on your face throughout the wedding. Good makeup is also very important to get nice bright pictures of the bride.

It is very important for the bride to keep herself free from stress and pay special attention to her skin to look fresh and glowing on her special day. You can start taking care of your skin much in advance by exfoliating regularly and drinking lots of water and eating healthy so as to have clean and clear skin on your wedding day.

Smudging of pink from your eyes or blush from your cheeks would ruin your appearance and you would need a redo of the entire make up in such a case. Hence it is essential you check with the company providing you bridal makeup services on the quality of their products.

Thus these simple tips can help retain the makeup on a bride’s face for a longer period and make her look bright and fresh throughout the event and for the photographs.

Wedding makeup is subtle yet very classy and elegant. It is advisable to use a good quality lipstick which is transfer resistant and long lasting. A good outfit paired with matching accessories and combined with perfectly applied makeup transforms the bride into the most beautiful person present in the venue.

The Perfect wedding Planning With the Perfect Destination

When you just decided that you want to get married, then immediately the question arises, and where do you start this planning and preparation for the wedding? It seems that there are so many important things before you that you do not know what to grab for first. Perhaps you will begin to join various wedding communities in social networks, sit on websites that publish beautiful wedding photosessions in different styles, ideas for banquet design.

The Important Piece Here

But it is very important that all these questions are not what you need to start preparing for a wedding! All these moments are already final details, which should be left for later. The color or style of your wedding will not determine exactly what your wedding will be. You can easily get answers to these questions later in the process of preparing the event. So let’s define, with what all the same it is necessary to begin planning of wedding. At the kate parker wedding all these matters will be duly considered.

Thus, the first stage of preparation for the wedding is to make a list of guests. The number of guests will affect many other preparation points, like restaurant choice, costs. After compiling the list, remember that not all guests can attend the event. Someone has already planned a vacation. Someone will have business trips or other duties. The more guests you invite, the greater the percentage of guests will not be able to come. It’s simple, if you have less than 50 people on your list, then most likely they are the closest friends and relatives.

Of course, these figures are very approximate and depend on many factors. For example, much more guests will come, if all are invited from the city where the wedding will be held. If guests need to go to a wedding from another city (or maybe the country), then there is more chance that they will refuse.

Guests for the wedding

In order to inform guests in advance about the upcoming wedding, we advise you to immediately send out the “Save the date” invitations. So your friends and relatives can immediately make an event in your calendar. And if someone already knows in advance that he will not be able to attend the event, then they will immediately inform you about it.

Made a list of guests and decided on the scale of the event? So you can proceed to the next stage, planning an approximate budget. Surely you still do not know exactly how much it will cost. But decide on common questions, how much do you want / can spend on the wedding? Do you have any ceiling? Are you ready to go beyond and how much? To create a budget conveniently with the help of a wedding calculator – at first you can simply decide on the main categories of expenses; decide whether you need a videographer and a wedding coordinator, on-site registration, whether a honeymoon is included in the budget. Of course, the distribution of expenses by category is always individual, but the banquet is usually the most expensive article and it takes up to 40% of the total budget. Hog Tastic North West

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